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Creative Touch Hair Salon in Middletown, NY
This is from the famous image "Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo, in the SiStine Chapel
symbolizing ‘creation’ and ‘being touched by God'
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Creative Touch Hair Salon - 216 Commonwealth Ave - Middletown, NY 10940
Salon: 845-343-2251 or Cell: 845-699-6703

We work with all types of hair for women of all ages. We also specialize in African American and ethnic hair. We have several licensed stylists and our head stylist is Maureen Harris.  She is highly experienced and knows how to work with the most difficult and damaged hair.

There are many different chemicals and products available for hair but doing it yourself is not recommended.  We have seen many do-it-yourself tragedies.  We can help. We have been working with hair and hair products for many years and know what will work best for your type of hair. Let us show you how to manage your hair for the style you want and also for healthly natural hair grow
We Know Hair
We Enjoy Working with Hair and Our Clients
We are a Full Service Hair Salon
Maureen, the head stylist, shows her long natural healthy hair.
Shown above is Maureen, Our Head Sytlist, with Long Natural Healthy Hair.
Model of Lachett Braids
Photos of Our Client Karalii
Shown Above are Lachett Braids - Braids are Half Complete in the Last Panel
Click Panel to Enlarge Photo
Lachett Braids are Much Quicker, Longer Lasting and Less Expensive than Box Braids!
They only take up to 2 hours to completed and last about 3 months.
More Hair Style Photos
Newest Photos Added on 1/21/12
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Salon: 845-343-2251 or Cell: 845-699-6703
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Weddings, Black-Tie events and Proms

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Faith In God Jewelry  
Faith In God Jewelry
Handcrafted with fine clear and colored glass pearl beads in a variety of sizes and shapes for everyday and any occassion.

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Creative Touch Hair Salon - 216 Commonwealth Avenue - Middletown, NY 10940
Salon: (845) 343-2251 - Cell: (845) 699-6703